Leverage data

Data is a valuable asset, but geospatial data in particular is challenging to use effectively. Whether by deriving insights from vehicle travel patterns, planning future advertising or measurement campaigns, or setting up remote monitoring with satellite imagery, geospatial data delivers an advantage across a wide range of applications in business, research, public policy and the non-profit sector.

49maps provides analysis and machine learning expertise, software development, and technical resources to commercial, non-profit, and government clients.

Spatial is different

Accurate and performant spatial data analysis requires deep knowledge of unique of indexing, aggregation, and interpolation methodologies different from those provided in most off-the-shelf data science solutions. There is a rich ecosystem of geospatial tools, but they can be difficult to integrate for specific business needs.

We help organizations built effective solutions for unique problems by prototyping custom methodologies and implementing robust production systems.

Services we provide

  • Geospatial data consulting and tool development
  • Custom satellite image acquisition and monitoring
  • Aerial and satellite image registration and orthorectification
  • Data-driven application development and maintenance
  • Data pipeline architecture and implementation